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Application to Support

Welcome to the Jungin Club Collaboration Application Center.

We look forward to exploring new business opportunities and building a bright future together with outstanding partners from various industries.

Creating Excellence Together: Collaborate with Jungin Club and let's build a bright future together.

At Shungin Club we are dedicated to building win-win partnerships and providing our customers with excellent business value. In order to co-create unique business experiences, we seek collaboration with experts in various fields.

Below is the collaboration application process for Shungin Club:

一、Completion of the Collaboration Application Form:

Please fill out the collaboration application form with key information here to better understand the intention of cooperation between your company and us.

Basic Company Information:
Contact Information:
Intention to Join:
*Your inital idea or goals on cooperating:
*Specific field or project you'd like to cooperate:
*Expected Schedule on cooperation:
Background and quality of the Company:
*About the company background:
*Company's core value and mission:
Oppertunitites for Mutual Cooperation:
*How are both parties able to gain benefits?:
*What do you want to achieve by cooperating?:
Past Success Examples:
If any, please tell us about your success gained through colaboration in the past:
Desired Support and Resources:
What kind of support or resources do you expect from the Shungin Club?:
Request or expectation from the Partnering Company/Organization:
Any other additional Information:
Please indicate aything you'd like the Shungin Clun to know about you:
Confirmation Items:
Do you agree to thoroughly discuss and take confirmation steps?
Do you understand and agree to the cooperation process and criteria of Shungin Club?
Upload files:

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*is required
Submit Application Form

二、Detailed Description of Collaboration Proposal:

We are interested in innovation and excellence. Please provide detailed information about your proposal in the application to meet our expectations and criteria.

三、Initial Communication Between Both Parties:

We value innovation and excellence. Please fill in the application with details of your proposal to meet our expectations and criteria.

四、Thorough Meetings and Confirmation:

After the initial communication, we will engage in detailed discussions to ensure a mutual understanding of the goals and expectations of the collaboration.

五、Signing of Collaboration Agreement:

After successfully reaching an agreement, both parties will sign the collaboration agreement, officially commencing the win-win journey for both sides.


If you have any questions or need additional support regarding the collaboration application, please feel free to contact Shungin Club's Partnership Team. Email:silverpegasusjp@gmail.com. We look forward to collaborating with you and exploring new business opportunities together. Thank you for choosing Shungin Club. Let's join hands and create a bright future together.