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Welcome to Shungin Club, a place where we strive excellenece.

At Shungin Club, we specialize in providing opportunities for social networking. Whether you're interested in the exclusivity of the 'Super-Exclusive Club,' the industry leadership discussions of the 'CEO Club,' or the vibrant atmosphere of the 'Youth Club,' we are delighted to welcome you to our community.

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Super-Exclusive Community

Experience far and beyond the excellence

You will become one of 50 exclusive member with a deep connection with world-renouned clubs. Not only are you a member, you are one of the elites in the Super-exclusive community. Provide you an experience to take part in Aristocratic Gala with the british royal family, Private exchange with the global industrial leaders, and much more

Number of Members

  • Maximum number of members: 50
  • Membership Fee

  • Application Fee:Membership Enrollment Fee 55 Million yen、Annual Fee: 10 Million Yen
  • Membership Benefits

    1、Participation in Exclusive Events:

  • Invitation to the British Royal Family's exclusive events, including galas, private audiences with Prince William, audiences with the Pope, and numerous other options.
  • Invitation to an exchange event between the 'Super-Exclusive Community' and the British Royal Family's private club. This offers a unique opportunity to expand your global network extensively.

  • 2、Global Communication:

  • Hosting a foreign club's representative in Japan, and/or visiting a foreign club from Japan, can be arranged without limitations, facilitating the expansion of your business and international network.
  • Participate in exchange events organized by the Super-Exclusive Community to gain insights from elite members and identify potential business opportunities.
  • Joining Jungin Clubis more than just becoming a member; it's the initiation of embracing excellence, seizing opportunities, and immersing oneself in the brilliance of elite social interactions. Join our esteemed community at Jungin Club, where you'll experience unique and exclusive membership benefits, setting forth on an elite journey of both business and social connections.

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